DVD Slideshow

From Gwyn: I have completed a DVD slide show of the season. Most swimmers are in it. (I know of one who is not.) I apologize for any swimmers I may have missed. It is difficult for me to take good photos of freestyle, so if you mainly swim that stroke, I am sorry- I do not have many photos of you. Also, the 15-18 boys and girls are very fast, and it is difficult for me to catch a clear shot-sorry.

The DVD is arranged in chapters. The first includes practice, the Sherwood Meet, and the Oak Valley Meet. The other chapters are listed. The transitions between chapters are not the best. There is a delay-so expect the screen to go black in between chapters. If you watch the show from start to finish it takes just under 1 hour. I know it is long, but I took many shots. I hope you enjoy it. You can pick yours up at the pool. It will be in a Nike shoebox in the swim team closet – just ask a guard for yours. Also, if you did not attend the end of season dinner, trophies and awards are there too.



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