Diving Safety Rule Changes

This year we have instated two new safety rules in order to prevent accidents from occurring. They are both involving the diving board. The only things that children can jump off the diving board with are water wings and a belt/vest with an undercarriage. The undercarriage is a strap that goes thru the legs to keep the belt/vest from going up. The other is the rule of no swimming in the diving area. This year we are not allowing children/adults to swim in the diving area when the diving boards are open. There are too many times that kids are playing in that area and don’t realize how close they are coming to floating out into the area where they are landing off the board. We will be opening and closing the diving area so that gives everyone a chance to swim in the deep end and dive off the board. I understand that in the past we have allowed this, however we need to consider safety and this is the direction we need to go. If you have any questions please feel free to email Stephen Sink.


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