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Admin: An email that was forwarded to everyone on the mailing list.

First of all, please forward this email to all potential members and previous members that you are in contact with. This is our first email blast and it is going to 119 email addresses, thanks to Stephen Sink, but we know that there are many more people who would be interested in receiving this. I think everyone should be very excited to finally have a website. The address is www.brookwoodpool.org, and it will become much more functional within the next few months possibly to include paying dues online and a Brookwood Store. Also, please direct potential new members to the President’s Letter page of the website to get a complete overview of what we have to offer. Stay tuned for future website improvements.

If you have driven by the pool in the past week you would have seen that there are many improvements going on here as well. To the delight of our current members, the pool and vast majority of the surrounding concrete decking is in good condition. We do not foresee any short-term or near term catastrophes that would cause a great outlay of cash to our organization. We are working closely with Frank from Good House Keeping, the local pool experts we have used for a long time to maintain our pool and to help us put a long-term plan of improvements in place.

In order for us to build upon what I like to consider a “hidden oasis” and not bust the budget, Stephen and I have begun doing many of the improvements ourselves. We saved over $1,000 by draining and cleaning the pool ourselves. We have begun repairing the diving board stand, painted the bathrooms, and have begun our enlarging of the snack shack. We will repair the tiles and more importantly repair the edging around the pool and paint it when we paint the deck. We could use your help though. We are having an Open House Sunday, April 20th, 4 until 7 pm, to show off our improvements and create excitement about what we have to offer for the 2008 season. Come to the Open House prepared to get excited and volunteer some time to make all of these improvements a reality.

See you at the pool.
Bill White, President Brookwood Pool


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